About Us

Why travel with Elite Travel?

Are you looking to visit Croatia? Not sure what kind of trip you desire or where to go first? No wonder – Croatia's popularity is growing by the year, so it can be challenging to determine what location is worth the hype. At Elite Travel, we craft Croatia adventures tailored to you. For 23 years, we've listened to our travelers' desires, ensuring every trip exceeds expectations. 

While doing so, we are committed to keeping up with current trends to offer our customers the best travel experience. Our job is not simply to give you a tour but to provide any other service you might need, all at the highest level. We are a large and synchronized team, so you do not have to worry about last-minute tour cancelations or delayed transportation.   

At Elite Travel, we take pride in having local guides on our team. They'll provide you with all the historical facts you need, as well as some of the destination's hidden gems. They'll take you beyond the tourist hotspots and show you the destination’s true character. 

We are also proud holders of Travelife certificate. Responsibility we have towards our travelers and local community goes above pure traveling standards. We aspire to deliver exquisite travel experiences and maintain the lowest possible impact on the world around us. We include local businesses in our tours so you can truly experience Croatia and region in its finest form.