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Dreams of Liberty: A Journey through Dubrovnik's War Story


4 hours

€ 76



Prepare to be captivated by the Dreams of Liberty tour, as it weaves together history, nature, and the indomitable spirit of Dubrovnik!

Embark on an exhilarating off-road adventure through Dubrovnik's tumultuous past and its resilient spirit.

The Dreams of Liberty tour takes you on a captivating journey, traversing rugged terrains and rugged paths, as we explore the city's historical landmarks. This four-hour adrenaline-fueled expedition combines breathtaking panoramas, poignant reminders of Croatia's Defensive Homeland War, and a profound appreciation for the pursuit of liberty.

From the rustic charm of Komolac and Brgat to the majestic Srđ Hill viewpoint, witness the indomitable courage of a city that rose from the ashes. Brace yourself for an off-road experience like no other, as we navigate through the challenging terrain, adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey.

Immerse yourself in the Dubrovnik War Museum, located within the formidable Imperial Fortress, where you'll gain invaluable insights into the lives of civilians and defenders during the war.

Conclude your tour with a visit to Kupari, a former military resort frozen in time, where the ruins of grand hotels stand as silent witnesses to history, and a stunning beach offers solace and reflection. Prepare to conquer the rugged landscapes and be inspired by the unwavering spirit of Dubrovnik on this extraordinary off-road adventure.

Prepare to be captivated by the Dreams of Liberty tour, as it weaves together history, nature, and the indomitable spirit of Dubrovnik, leaving you with a profound appreciation for the city's journey towards freedom and resilience during the Defensive Homeland War.


Our adventure starts at 9:00 am from the vibrant Gruž district, where we embark on a scenic drive through the picturesque landscapes. As we navigate through the enchanting Komolac and Brgat, you'll be mesmerized by the rustic charm of the countryside and the harmonious existence of local farms amidst the stunning scenery. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature as we journey towards our first stop.

At 9:40 am, we arrive at the majestic viewpoint on Srđ Hill, offering an awe-inspiring vantage point to capture the essence of Dubrovnik's beauty. Take a moment to pause and let the magnificence of the surroundings sink in. The breathtaking panorama will leave you in awe, igniting a deep appreciation for the resilience of this city and its people.

Continuing our exploration, we embark on a short drive to the imposing Imperial Fortress, which houses the Dubrovnik War Museum. Here, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into the lives of civilians and defenders during the Defensive Homeland War, providing a poignant understanding of the challenges faced and the unwavering spirit that prevailed. Spend time absorbing the exhibits, allowing the stories to unfold before your eyes, painting a vivid picture of the city's indomitable courage.

After our thought-provoking visit, we resume our journey at 11:15 am, traversing the picturesque route towards Kupari. As we drive through Brgat, you will witness the remnants of buildings that bear witness to the ravages of war, serving as a reminder of the trials endured. The scenic coastal road leads us to Kupari, a former military resort, now frozen in time. Marvel at the ruins of once-grand hotels, standing as silent witnesses to the past, as you stroll along the idyllic beach with a panoramic view of Cavtat.

At 12:45 pm, we bid farewell to Kupari and embark on our return journey to Dubrovnik, cherishing the memories and reflections this tour has evoked. The drive back offers a serene and contemplative atmosphere, allowing you to savor the experiences of the day.


You can start this experience at the following places.
Port of Gruž - parking lot behind the Port Authority building (big white building with a sign ''Port of Dubrovnik'')
Obala Ivana Pavla II / 1, 20000 Dubrovnik, HR

 What's included?

Off-road vehicle transportation
Professional English-speaking driver
Entrance ticket to the Dubrovnik War Museum


Tips and gratuities

 Please note

Please note that our vehicles are equipped with safety features and ergonomic details, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes, protecting yourself from the sun with a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Additionally, it is advisable to bring wind protection such as a scarf or a windbreaker. Don't forget to bring drinking water, a towel, swimwear, and cash for optional services.

 What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothes and shoes
Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)
Wind protection (scarf, windbreaker jacket)
Bottle of water
Cash money (for optional services and personal expenses)

 Cancellation policy

Refund if cancelled at least 1 day before the event

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