Why is Elite right for me?

Are you looking to visit Croatia but cannot decide which trip suits your needs the best? 

No wonder – Croatia's popularity is growing by the year, so it can be challenging to determine what location is worth the hype. At Elite Travel, we have made sure to plan your trip around you – this means we have listened to requests and wishes for the last 22 years

While doing so, we always keep up with modern trends, and we can offer a unique traveling experience to our guests.  

Our job is not simply to give you a tour but to provide any other service you might need, all at the highest level. We are a synchronized team, so you do not have to worry about last-minute tour cancelations or delayed transportation. 

At Elite Travel, we pride ourselves on having local guides on our team. They will tell you all the historical facts and then reveal little quirks every town has. 

Thanks to our vast experience, we created the perfect recipe for a dream vacation. You will have just enough leisure time and exciting exploration that is not too exhausting for the average traveler. 

Feel free to contact us for advice – we will offer the best tailor-made tour for you.